Laboratoire Informatique d'Avignon

logo LIA The LIA is a research laboratory of the University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse. It is composed of 20 teacher-researchers whose activities are organized around 3 themes: Operations Research, Networks and Automatic Natural Language Processing. About fifteen LIA's teacher-researchers work on the theorical and experimental aspects of the automatic written or oral language processing; the set of themes widely covers the problems encountered in this area: voice and speaker recognition, multimedia indexing, human-machine dialog, information retrieval, language modelling, automatic summarization...

The LIA developed many academic and industrial partnerships within the context of national, european or industrial projects, in particular MTM (PCRD, voice and speaker recognition), COST 275, BioSecure (NOE), SMADA (Speech Driven Multi-Modal Automatic Directory Assistance), IST project, PASCAL (European Network of Excellence) and the IST European project DIVINE, HARTES (Embedded Systems), LUNA, Thalès convention, France Telecom R&D, .... Its scientific activity is recognized and the level of publishing is in constant growth (more than 150 book chapters and international publications over the past 4 years, 21 dissertations defended).

In addition to the research activity, the laboratory's general policy is to validate its scientific production by taking part in international assessment campaigns: NIST (speaker recognition and segmentation), ESTER (enriched transcription), DUC (automatic summarization), TREC (information retrieval), MEDIA (dialog), EQUER (question-answer), DEFT (document categorization) and to value its technological expertise by developing and marketing the software products derived from its scientific activity (ALIZE, SPEERAL, CORTEX, etc.).