logo Wikio Wikio is a personalizable news page featuring a news search engine that incorporates any information coming from media sites or blogs. In total, Wikio has already identified more than twenty thousands information sources in French, that is to say the great majority of media sites and the best blogs. It is also available in German, English, Spanish and Italian.

Wikio provides a service both to Internet users and media. For Internet users, it lists all the information by topic and it brings to the media a larger audience. The added value of Wikio is that it is possible to find all the information in one place and to access it dynamically or through RSS. All the information is segmented into thematic flows in order to get pages dedicated to a specific field. The most commonly read information on Wikio is not the general news, but thousands of pages called "niche" which meet the needs of everyone and form what is commonly called the long tail (the sum of niches is potentially higher to the general information).

On, the Internet users customize their pages to follow the information they want. Wikio is also a participative service, each user being able to publish an article directly on the site, comment existing articles or simply vote for a news that seems interesting to them in order to improve its exposure on the site.

Although the information capture is automated, a team of research assistants classifies information sources and creates thesauruses so as to optimize the results and offer the best possible experience in terms of relevancy. Let's take the example of Web 2.0. The results will differ whether you enter "web 2" or "web 2.0" in a classical search engine, and they will only include information comprising the searched keyword in its title. On Wikio, some information sources specialized in Web 2, as Techcrunch for instance, will accompany the results even if the keyword is not included in the article. Moreover, a thesaurus composed of several additional requests will complete the previous information by giving, for instance, information on the Ajax programming language but not, of course, on the Ajax, Amsterdam's soccer team. In fact, on Wikio, the information is searched by topics rather than keywords.